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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Annabel Rolley on Wrist Action (Video)

Since I'll be talking about the Presidents Cup tomorrow in the Limerick Summary, I decided to give you another golf video from Down Under today. Here's Annabel Rolley on proper wrist action and why it's important.

Note that it doesn't matter whether you cock your wrists early, late, suddenly or gradually. What matters is that you create that wrist cock at the top of your swing and unleash it at the proper moment on the way down.

Annabel's drill is the swish drill, which most of you are probably familiar with, but I really like her explanation and demonstration of it. Don't let your familiarity with this drill cause you to overlook its usefulness.

And since Annabel mentioned the L-shape you create at the top of your swing, I'll remind you of the L-to-L drill that I so often recommend. Work on that and the swish drill that Annabel shows you, and you'll see dramatic improvements in your golf swing.

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