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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Brad Worthington on Spotputting

This article over at covers the basics of spotputting, which is a technique more players should try.

Aiming at a spot that isn't the hole

As you can see from the photo above, the concept is simple. That 'hole' you see Brad putting toward isn't a hole at all, but rather a disc he has placed on the green to illustrate where he is aiming. The actual hole is over on the right side of the photo, and Brad has picked his 'spot' to be between him and the hole.

Many instructors teach this method. Dave Pelz immediately comes to mind, although his diagrams tend to place the 'spot' out beside the actual hole because he wants to show how much the putts are breaking.

I use this method myself, but even Brad's spot is too far away for me. I typically read the putt and choose my line, them pick a spot on that line that's no more than 12-18 inches in front of the ball. That allows me to strike the putt extremely close to the spot if not directly over it. If you pick a spot as far away as Brad has and you aim at that spot, the ball will not roll over that spot unless you actually start the ball on a line above the spot and let it curve over it.

To me, putting to a very close spot simplifies aiming quite a lot!

Regardless of how you pick your spot, this technique can improve your ability to make more putts... and leave shorter second putts when you don't make the first one.

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