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Friday, December 6, 2019

Jake Shepherd on Proper Impact Position (Video)

FACE ANGLE. This video lesson is all about face angle, which may be the most important thing weekend players can learn.

I really like the first drill, the static drill, where you place the clubface against a heavy object and apply some pressure. It's very simple but it can do so much!

The reason many of you don't hit the ball where you're aiming is because you don't know when the clubface is aimed at your target. This drill teaches you to feel where the clubface is aimed as you enter the impact zone, as you actually hit the ball, and as you start swinging into your finish. And you don't even have to be at the range to do this drill because you aren't actually swinging the club -- you're just learning how it feels when your clubface is square!

Don't underestimate a drill like this. When your swing is less than perfect, even if your path is off, the ball will curve toward your target if the clubface is aimed at it. TRY THIS DRILL!

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