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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Lou Guzzi on Knockdown Shots (Video)

Guzzi's approach to knockdown shots is a bit different from most instructors', and he has a useful 'feel' tip we can learn from it.

Guzzi isn't moving the ball back and using a three-quarter shot (up around ear level). Rather, he leaves the ball in its regular position and shortens his backswing to a half-shot! Then he swings to a full finish. We can get all of that from what he says.

Now let's look at that other tip we can infer from what he does.

By shortening his backswing to something between his waist and his shoulders -- I think it might be a bit longer with a hybrid or fairway wood (he's using a 7-iron here) -- he dramatically reduces the distance he hits any given club.

But how much distance does he lose? He gives us a hint. Since he's hitting this 7-iron 120 yards but he usually hits that club around 160, that's around three to four clubs less. That gives us a starting point for estimating how far we'll hit a knockdown shot with any given club.

Here's the tip: When hitting a knockdown shot, figure you'll need about three or four more clubs to get the same distance. Will it be that way all the time? Probably not. But when you face a knockdown shot, especially one that you haven't practiced, use this rule of thumb to get you in the ballpark.

Choose your target appropriately -- so that a mis-hit won't put you in trouble -- and you could improve your score dramatically.

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