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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Peter Finch on 'Bounce Chipping' (Video)

This Golf Monthly video shows a different approach to chipping that uses the bounce to deaden the shot.

Finch's basics are as follows:
  • Use a wedge with a nice bounce on it. The short irons don't have enough bounce for this shot.
  • You want the club's grip to run up through the middle of your palm, along your lifeline instead of in your fingers. That makes the club a bit more upright and weakens your lead hand a bit.
  • Set up with the shaft a bit more upright -- more in line with your lead forearm -- so it feels as if the club is up on the toe a bit.
  • You want the ball a bit ahead of center and the butt of the grip pointing more toward your lead hip.
  • Don't use your wrists! You want to keep the club shaft and your lead forearm in a straight line. This is basically an arm and shoulder stroke, like some putting techniques.
The result of all this is that the ball pops up a bit as it comes out of the rough and doesn't roll as much.

While I don't think this method will take the place of normal chipping, it sounds like it could be very useful if you're shortsided or if you have a downhill chip. Anything that takes some momentum off a chip in those circumstances should leave you a shorter par putt.

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