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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Thomas Bjorn's Tips from 100 Yards and In (Video)

How can Thomas Bjorn be included in South African golf tips? Because he shot this video just a couple of weeks ago at the Nedbank!

His towel drill -- that is, hitting partial shots with a towel tucked under both arms -- isn't unusual; we've all heard a number of pros recommend this drill. But pay attention to Thomas's focus with it.

While the towel is under both arms, he makes a point of pulling back with his lead arm as he turns through. Later in the video he also talks about his focus on turning his breastbone through the shot while keeping his arms quietly tucked against his chest.

Thomas says keeping his arms quiet this way helps him control both distance and trajectory.

Now, not everybody uses the same techniques in the short game. There are players who prefer to play these knockdown shots with a handsy motion, because feel is more important to these players. But Thomas's technique is a very simple one and if it appeals to you, you'll find the mechanics are very easy to master.

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