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Saturday, January 4, 2020

JT's Bad Decision

Justin Thomas should have made a New Year's resolution: "No white pants in bad windy weather." But he didn't. As a result, he got more coverage than he wanted.

Coverage in soggy wet grass and dirt, that is.

Justin Thomas realizes he shouldn't wear white pants in a storm

In case you missed the live coverage of the incident, Nick Menta's post over at gives the play-by-play, complete with multiple pictures and embarrassing dialogue. I will only include JT's final comment to the camera:
"This is the new Ralph Lauren pant. It’s called the Speckled Splattered Mud. Check it out at a store near you."
Just a reminder that even the pros don't always make good decisions OFF the course. And that even a week in Paradise doesn't always run smoothly.

And that if you're in some of the bad weather hitting the US, you can still find something to laugh about. Thanks, JT!

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