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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Martin Hall Hits the Stinger (Video)

Martin Hall went to Scotland, just to hit this shot! I'm sure you've all heard how to hit a stinger but it's Martin's drill I want you to see.

Ball in the middle of your stance, keep your weight on your lead foot, swing easy into the wind and take a slight divot -- you know those basics. (And though he didn't mention it, Martin shortened his followthrough as well.) But how do you take that shallow divot that keeps the trajectory down?

Enter what I'm calling the 'drag drill'.

Place the clubhead on the ground near your trail foot. As you turn through the shot, drag it along the ground until the clubhead is even with the ball... then feel as if you're turning and lifting your lead shoulder simultaneously in order to get the clubhead off of the ground. That's the drill.

I know it sounds like a strange move but you already know this move by another name. This is what happens when you use the ground. Yes indeed! As you contact the ball you thrust slightly upward while your shoulders are finishing their turn through the ball. That's what allows you to avoid that deep divot while creating a low swing path. That's what keeps the ball's trajectory down.

And if you listen to the broadcasts at all, you know that the good ballstrikers control their trajectory and try to keep it fairly low most of the time, especially with their short irons and wedges.

So Martin's drill should help improve how solidly you hit your normal shots as well. A drill that helps your normal shots AND helps you play those tricky trouble shots as well? Priceless!

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