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Friday, January 24, 2020

Matt Wolff's Power Keys (Video)

I don't know that many of us will be swinging like Matthew Wolff -- his swing is definitely his own -- but in case you're wondering how he creates so much distance...

Simply enough, Matt has a key for his backswing and a key for his downswing.

His backswing key is to create a full turn with his hips. He says you don't have to lift your lead foot, but it's obviously easier to get a full hip turn if you do.

And his downswing key is to use the ground -- you know, squat down a bit as you swing down and then push upward at impact. You really have to turn through the shot to do that, which means you want to get your belly button pointed toward the target as the club swings up to waist high.

Now, you don't have to exaggerate these moves as much as Matt does in his swing. The bigger you make the motions, the more likely you are to get out of position and make poor contact. A longer shot won't help you at all if you lose the ball over in the trees.

Still, just making an effort to create a longer swing -- that's the end result of what Matt does, after all -- while keeping your balance should help you hit the ball longer. And if you keep your balance and hit the ball in the middle of the clubface, you should be hitting your next shot from the fairway. That always helps the ball go farther!

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