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Friday, January 3, 2020

Matthew Wolff in Slo-Mo (Video)

Everybody was talking about Matt Wolff's swing yesterday. This slo-mo video is from the 3M Open. Don't worry if you can't hear Peter Kostis clearly -- I just want you to watch the swing.

You're probably not going to swing like Matt; his swing is pretty unique to him. But I want you to notice something I talked about last week...

Look at how relaxed his hands and arms are as they reach the top of his backswing and change direction to come down. There is no tenseness in this motion!

Again, you're not going to duplicate this motion. But you could do a lot worse than trying to feel that much relaxation in your arms and wrists during your swing. Matt swings so fast that he sometimes has trouble controlling the direction of his swing, but if you swing at a comfortable speed -- you'll need to, in order to have any hope of predicting where the ball is going! -- then you'll start creating some good repeatable positions in your swing automatically. You'll also find some extra distance in your shots.

This is an excellent mindset for practicing with the L-to-L swing. It lends itself to practicing a relaxed swing motion.

It won't come overnight, but it's something to aspire to in your own game. Relaxation -- a great swing thought for 2020!

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