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Saturday, February 8, 2020

How to Shoot Double Digit Scores on Every Hole (Video)

Are you afraid when you step up on the tee? Are you certain that you're going to shoot some ridiculously high score? Then Chip Bozman can help make your fears a reality!

I think you get the point. There is absolutely NO WAY to eliminate risk from your game without sending your score into the stratosphere. But that's a trap you can fall into without realizing it.

You see, Chip's starting point is a valid one. Sometimes you simply have to take the danger out of play -- lay up short of a bunker, make sure you miss your shot to the safe side, make sure you take enough club to get over the water because dry is always better than wet. That's just smart golf.

But playing safe has its limits. If you don't take ANY risk, you're going to leave yourself impossible follow-up shots that will destroy your score just as badly -- maybe worse -- than the danger you tried to avoid. Don't go overboard!
  • If the drive is too tight, you don't have to hit a driver or even a 3-wood... but you don't have to go to a short iron either. Learn how to sting a 3-wood because a low shot like that isn't likely to go off line.
  • If you need to lay up, then take a club short enough to be sure you're short of the danger... but you don't have to lay up 50 yards short!
  • And if you know every shot you hit today is peeling off to the right, play for it to do that again.
A lot of good strategy is simply common sense. Don't let fear make you too timid. But if you do... well, maybe Chip is looking for a few good investers to help build his little business empire.

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