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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Justin Thomas on Not Liking Your Golf Swing (Video)

This Golfing World video is less than two weeks old and I found it very interesting -- especially since JT is leading the WGC-Mexico going into the final round. Did you know that he doesn't really like the way his swing looks?

There are several things you can pick up from what Justin discusses in this video, but the fact that he doesn't like his footwork -- in fact, he says he doesn't recommend anybody copy it -- and that he has unsuccessfully tried to change it in the past were a surprise to me. He says he can't even hit the ball if he doesn't jump around when he swings! He hopes that there are things in his swing that people will try to copy, but apparently his footwork isn't one of them.

Most importantly, he says that -- even when he's hitting the ball well -- he can get so caught up in the way he thinks his 'funky' swing looks that he tries (again!) to change it.

What I want you to remember is this: JT says that, when he gets too caught up in the technical aspects of his swing, he just has to 'get over it' and accept that this is how he plays his best and leave it alone.

If even Justin struggles with this, then we mere mortals need to take his advice and -- if we're playing well -- just accept our swings as they are and focus on playing better instead of making changes.

It's all about the score, folks. Never forget that!

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