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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Tiger on the Stinger (Video)

I've posted various videos on how to hit the shot Tiger made famous, but I think this is the first time I've seen Tiger explain it himself. Take a look:

There are two main things that stand out to me about Tiger's approach to the stinger.

The first is ball position. He says he just moves the ball back "one ball" from its normal position for whatever shot he's hittting. That is simple enough.

But what really struck me is how important hand action is to his approach. Instead of changing his body motion -- he says he just tries to soften his arms and speed up his hips -- he focuses on stopping his hands quickly after impact. If he's trying to keep the ball really low, he tries to stop his hands right after impact; but if he just wants to hit the ball a bit lower and still hit it a long way, he tries to stop his hands around shoulder height.

So if you want to hit the ball really low, try to stop your hands right after impact. If you just want to keep it lower than normal, think about hitting a knockdown shot.

Ironically, Tiger also says the full stinger is a bit iffy, even for him. That makes sense, given how important he says the "braking" aspect of the swing is. It's difficult to create a lot of hand speed but stop it just after impact.

Still, even if Tiger's fullblown stinger seems a bit tricky to you, that "partial" stinger that's more like a knockdown shot should be something almost anybody can add to their arsenal.

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