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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Tom Lehman on Hitting Low Hybrids (Video)

This video caught my eye because most people want to hit their hybrids high. Lehman wants to hit his hybrids LOW!

While he gives the same advice you typically get on how to hit clubs low into the wind:
  • Deloft the club by moving the ball back in your stance
  • Since that will cause you to hit more of an in-to-out shot that draws and flies low, you open your stance slightly
Tom Lehman says he starts by getting hybrids that are set up to fly low from the start. It's hard to argue with his logic -- at least, if you're a pro. The pros have no problem hitting clubs high, so he gets a hybrid with a stiffer shaft and lower loft to begin with. That means you might get a hybrid with a four- or five-iron length shaft but get a three- or even two-iron loft head.

As I said, the pros usually have no problem hitting their hybrids high. For the typical weekend player who may fight a low shot to begin with, his setup advice should be ignored.

But if you tend to hit your clubs high -- and there are a number of casual players who do -- Tom's advice could help your game a lot. After all, low shots are easier to hit straight than high ones.

So if this video seems to speak to your tendencies, it might be worth another look.

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