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Friday, March 20, 2020

A Drill for Hitting Looooooong Irons

This article from teaches a drill to help you hit your long irons a long way, like Scott Piercy.

Setup for drill to help you hit long irons

While the article specifically says it helps you hit your long irons, it seems to me that the technique could help you pick up some distance with any iron. Bear that in mind as you read the article.

The drill setup is simple, as you can see in this photo from the article. You just tee your ball low, push a second tee in the ground at the same height just a few inches ahead of the ball -- it looks to be about two balls ahead to me -- and then hit both tees when you hit the ball. If you miss the second tee, you're lifting up at impact and hitting the ball thin.

Look, with everybody staying home more to slow the spread of COVID-19, I realize you may not get to practice this drill for a while. But this is the kind of drill that's good to have in the back of your mind, knowing that it will help you once you can hit the course again.

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