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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Brooks and Rory Aren't Always Rivals, Apparently

Just thought this was an interesting tidbit of news, given how much has been made of Brooks Koepka's statements portraying him as a lone wolf who doesn't care what others think.

Brooks Koepka and Rory McIlroy

Several news outlets -- here are links to posts from Golf Channel and from Golfweek -- about Brooks calling Rory to discuss the Premier Golf League. The short version is this:

After Rory's presser in Mexico City where he said he was 'out' of the League (if it ever happens), Brooks called him to just to talk and share the info each had on the proposal. Brooks then said he was out a few days back, and Rory has since remarked that Brooks brought up some more good reasons for staying out.

While other players had certainly reached the same conclusions on their own, the combined weight of Brooks and Rory's opinions seems to have freed a deluge of players to speak their minds and add their voices to the two giants. Although this probably won't kill the proposed league outright, it has to have been a blow to the potential investors.

And you can be sure that the PGA Tour and its assorted tours and partners are pleased to hear it.

Looks like when the future of their sport might be in doubt, Brooks and Rory aren't really rivals at all.

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