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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Debbie O'Connell's Frying Pan Drill (Video)

This is a great drill to use while many golf courses are shut down.

I want to explain some things about this drill, things that I think make it useful but that many instructors wouldn't mention.

First of all, when you watch this drill head-on it really does look like you're rotating your forearms a great deal... but that's an illusion. If you were standing erect -- that is, with your spine vertical as you swing -- the 'face' of the frying pan would stay vertical to the ground all the way through your swing. From head-on it would look as if your forearms were rotating, but from your viewpoint you would see that both arms remain straight and there's no rotation at all.

But you're actually bent at the hips as you swing, so there's a minor bit of rotation during your swing. HOWEVER, there's only enough rotation to keep the 'face' of the frying pan vertical to the ground. From head-on it looks as if there's a lot of forearm rotation but from your viewpoint you will only see a slight bit.

And most of that forearm rotation comes from your lead elbow staying close to your side throughout the swing. (If that elbow moves away from your side during your followthrough, you're chicken-winging.) This is where it can really help if you're swinging a cast iron frying pan, as the weight of the pan will help pull your trailing arm straight while also helping you feel the effort of keeping your lead elbow close.

Please note that even when you don't chicken-wing it, your lead elbow still bends a little on your followthrough. That's the mirror image of what your arms do during your backswing.

Again, this is a great drill for doing inside, especially if the golf courses near you are closed and you can't play because of COVID-19. It doesn't take much room to do and the weight of the frying pan gives you great feedback on whether you're doing it correctly or not. A month spent using this drill for a few minutes daily can really make a difference in your swing once you can hit the course again.

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