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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Paul Azinger on Pitching Off the Toe (Video)

I found this short video that was filmed but not included in Zinger's Short Game Special on GC.

This is a technique that was taught by the legendary short game instructor Phil Rodgers. (He's probably better known for that now than for his six-win PGA Tour career.) If you know his name, it's probably because Rodgers did a lot of work with Jack Nicklaus.

Anyway, Zinger talks in this video about how much easier it is to chip and pitch when you stand the club up more on the toe. It uses more bounce this way as well as helping the clubhead get through the rough more easily.

Zinger says this is the easiest way to use a wedge around the green. You might want to try the technique, especially if you struggle with chipping and pitching.

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