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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Pennick's Magic Move and the Pump Drill (Videos)

I've got two videos for you today, demonstrating the same drill in a couple of different ways.

First, Alex Fortey talks about the late Harvey Pennick's Magic Move and explains some of how the pump drill helps you learn it.

But I really like Michelle Dube's demonstration of the pump drill and her explanation of all the things it helps you learn in order to sequence your swing properly.

This drill focuses on your downswing from the change of direction at the top down to the point where the shaft is parallel to the ground. The drill does several things:
  • helps you feel a correct lag from the top
  • gets the upper part of your downswing -- that's where things tend to go wrong -- on a good plane down the line
  • teaches you proper footwork and how your hips unwind through impact
  • lets you feel the proper sequence of upper and lower body movement during the downswing
Some of you may have even seen pros using a short version of this pump move as their 'waggle' before they actually hit their shots during a round.

This is an old drill but it has survived because it works. Adding it to your practice routine can really make a difference in how you hit the ball. And bear in mind that you can use this drill in your backyard because you don't even have to hit balls in order to get the benefits! To me, that makes it a great drill.

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