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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Swinging Like Jon Rahm (Video)

In this video coach Mitchell Spearman helps Anna Whiteley try out Jon Rahm's short full swing.

There are a few basics in Jon's swing that go against the typical way you're taught to swing. The primary one is that Jon drops straight down from the top and doesn't shift his weight forward until later in the swing. That's right -- Jon Rahm stays back on his trail leg as he makes his downswing.

Let me quickly list the basics of Jon's swing that Mitchell mentions.
  • wider than normal stance
  • more of a sitting stance
  • short flat backswing
  • drops straight down on the downswing
  • stays back on his trailing leg longer than most
  • uses his legs a lot as he strikes the ball and finishes his swing (the leg drive allows him to get his lead hip out of the way at impact)
I know that many of you have a stout build that limits your shoulder turn. That's okay -- Jon Rahm proves you can play good golf anyway. (Jon IS #2 in the world, you know!) It's not about having some instructor's idea of a perfect build for golf; rather, it's about learning to use what you have effectively.

If you aren't as flexible as Dustin Johnson, you could do a lot worse than copy Jon Rahm!

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