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Monday, April 27, 2020

About the "My Game: Tiger Woods" Series

Wow, this is seven Mondays without a Limerick Summary. It's always a bit of a challenge to find something I think will be interesting to you since we don't have pro golf to watch -- hell, many of us can't even get out to play golf -- so I always look for something that piques my interest.

Today it's the new internet series at about Tiger. A quick disclaimer here: This isn't a free series and I don't get any money if you sign up. But it's something many of you might be interested in, so I thought I'd mention here.

Tiger celebrating his 2019 Masters win

The series is called My Game: Tiger Woods and it's a 12-episode series where Tiger teaches you all about his approach to the game, everything from equipment to techniques to mental game to motivation to how he teaches the game to his kids.

One thing that I found interesting in the description of the series is that Tiger has four different driver swings he will explain in the videos.  It's not that I'm surprised Tiger makes different swings in different conditions; if you have a long high drive (presumably that's your standard driver), a low stinger for narrow windy fairways, a "chipped fade" for positioning off a tree-lined fairway and a high draw (which is very hard to hit under any circumstance), that's four drives right there. But I suspect Tiger's drives are a bit more detailed than that.

It looks like the series is $12.99, which doesn't sound too bad for 12 episodes, or you can join the Golf Digest Schools feed for a monthly fee. Again, I'm not pushing this series or getting any money if you decide to join. But since you may have seen the series advertised on TV, I thought you might like to know a bit more about it.

After all, this is seven Mondays without a Limerick Summary.

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