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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Annabel Rolley's Bunker Drill (Video)

I've got a short video today (for a change). You all know I like Annabel Rolley's teaching style, so here's a bunker play drill from her.

I particularly like the use of a 10-foot line of continuous strikes, as opposed to individual swings. It's too easy to get stiff and tight when you set up over the ball each time. This way, you'll stay more relaxed when you swing and also develop a better rhythm to your stroke.

While she says this drill is for learning to cup your wrists and "slap the sand" when you play bunker shots, it's also yet another way to learn how to use the bounce on your wedge. But this is a slightly different take on how to acquire this skill and many of you may find it 'speaks' to you more clearly.

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