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Monday, April 20, 2020

Danny Maude's Balance Drill (Video)

It's "not Limerick Summary" Monday again, so let's try another drill. While Danny Maude calls this a contact drill, it actually teaches you a number of important skills, especially balance and creating clubhead speed. If you're interested in learning the basics of a classic swing -- and why wouldn't you? It's the easiest way to swing -- this is a wonderful drill for getting all the important skills down.

I know you'll think you've seen this drill before, but you'll learn way more from Danny's approach than you ever knew you could.

One of the most important things Danny teaches in this video is how to integrate the skills you learn with the drill into your regular swing. The biggest problem with most drills is that you can do the drill perfectly on the range but things fall apart on the course. Danny shows you the process of taking the skills you learn and slowly making them part of your full swing. That alone makes this video 'must see TV'!

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