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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Hopes for a 2020 Golf Season Continue

In case you missed it -- and no one would be surprised if you did, given how crazy life is right now -- the tours are still in hopes that the 2020 season will get underway sooner rather than later. And some of those hopeful plans have begun to take shape. Here are a couple of articles that GC posted recently on their website.

LPGA commissioner Mike Whan

Brentley Romine posted this article about potential dates for the majors, the Ryder Cup and the PGA Tour schedule in general. And it links to a more detailed article at the Golfweek site, which you can find here. I don't suppose there's much new in these pieces, as we knew that the majors had been postponed rather than cancelled, but the thought that the Masters could be played as late as November is still somewhat shocking to me.

Still, given the limited field size that is typical of the Masters, I suppose daylight is far less of a consideration for them than for the other majors.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of all this is the (in my opinion, somewhat optomistic) idea that the PGA Tour might be able to resume in mid-July. This, not surprisingly, is in line with the LPGA plans reported by Randall Mell in this GC article. But it is interesting to me that the Women's US Open has been tentatively rescheduled for December while the men's US Open has yet to be officially postponed. Mell's article also posts the following tentative LPGA schedule.

Tentative new LPGA schedule

Don't misunderstand my pessimism. I do hope that these new schedules play out as planned and we can get the golf season -- and all of the sports seasons, as well as life in general, for that matter -- back in action. I think the world can certainly use some good news right now.

But I'm not sure that it's going to be that easy to get everything restarted in less than three months. I don't think we're going to truly understand how seriously our lives -- indeed, our entire world -- has been disrupted by this pandemic until we attempt to find out what the 'new normal' is going to be like. We didn't understand how deeply this virus was going to hit us when it started, and I doubt that it will go out quietly either.

Still, the mere fact that we're beginning to talk about normalcy in any aspect of our lives may lift the spirits of us all, especially those who have been hit really hard by COVID-19. And we should never underestimate the power of hope, especially when facing an enemy that we can't even see.

So let's hope these plans turn out to be good ones.

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