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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Peter Finch on Pro Strategy (Video)

Let's try something fun today. Over the past few weeks I've posted some videos on how to strategize your way around a course for the best score, with videos covering par-4s, par-3s and par-5s. But what if you need more than just a good score? What if your livelihood depends on how you score?

Enter Peter Finch. It's December 2018 and he's playing the final four holes at Lumine, the venue where the European Tour Qualifying School was played, and he needs a good score if he hopes to get his Tour card for 2019...

Well, he's pretending that's what he's after, anyway. What follows is an example of why normal golfers usually shouldn't try to play like pros.

It's not like Peter played badly, and he used some good strategy as he plotted his way down the final stretch. But maybe it was good strategy better suited to a pro's game than to a weekend player's game.

And as far as I'm concerned, that's the point of this video.

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