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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Davis Love's Rhythm Drill (Video)

We're not talking about Davis Love III but his dad, the late Davis Love Jr. Instructor Jim Sowerwine demonstrates a drill he learned from Davis's dad to help players find what their swing feels like before they hit the course.

Simple enough.
  • Take a mid-iron (Jim uses a 6-iron as an example) and make a normal swing with it. Note the distance.
  • Make another full swing with that club but try to hit the ball only 100 yards. This will be harder.
  • Keep making full swings while hitting the ball different distances up to your normal distance. These "distance jumps" can be 10 to 20 yards or so.
  • Once you reach your normal distance, continue to make your normal swing but try to hit the ball about 10 yards further. You'll have to swing very hard and will probably be out of control.
  • Repeat the drill, going all the way back to 100 yards and then back out to your normal distance + 10 yards.
The idea here is to get a handle on how your swing feels that day. It will help you get a feel for what level of effort gives you your best rhythm and balance before you take to the course.

Feel can be an illusive thing. Any drill that helps you find your rhythm for the day might be worth a try.

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