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Sunday, May 17, 2020

How Important Are Expensive Clubs? (Video)

This is an interesting video, made in March. Instructors Rick Shiels and Matt Fryer play nine holes of scramble and try to beat par... but they're doing it with a cheap set of clubs and balls. They've never used the set before; they bought them on the way to the course and paid only £200 (that's roughly $242). How did they do?

I think this is a very informative video. I'm not saying you shouldn't get good clubs and have them fitted if you want to play your best. Still, Rick and Matt clearly demonstrate that expensive equipment may not be as important as most of us think.

But regardless of how much you spend for your clubs, I think I'd steer clear of emoji golf balls.


  1. I doubt you'll be writing a Limerick summary for Hyun Kyung Park, winner of the KLPGA Championship and first-time winner on that tour, but there's no other tournament golf going on right now.

    Final round stream in English is available from this link:

    1. Thanks for the info, IC. And who knows what I may do Monday? We'll see how my day goes.