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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

How to Pick the Right Shaft Flex (Video)

Here are a couple of the guys from 2nd Swing Golf with some tips to help you pick the right shaft flex for your clubs.

Just to mention a few things I found interesting:
  • There is no real standard for what makes a "regular" or "stiff" flex. Every company makes their clubs a bit differently.
  • A good place to start is to ask what club you generally use for a 150-yard shot. The video gives you some ideas for understanding what that tells you about your shaft.
  • There are a lot of things about your shaft that can only be figured out at a fitting. But that doesn't mean you can't figure out roughly what shaft flex you need... and if you just get the flex close, you're going to help your game a lot.
This is a particularly good video for those of you wondering if you can help your game by getting new clubs. If the flex of your current clubs is wrong for you, the answer is almost certainly yes.

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