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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Jeff Simonds on Playing in the Wind (Video)

Simonds was Director of Golf at Bandon Dunes when this video was made. (I think he's Director of Resort Operations now.) In this short video he gives advice on driving in the wind.

This sounds almost Tom Watson-like. Simonds recommends leaving the tee height and ball position the same when playing in wind, in order to avoid changing how your club comes into the impact zone.

Instead, he recommends slowing down your tempo and swing speed a little while gripping down on the shaft slightly (maybe a half-inch). This is to reduce the amount of ballspin you get so the ball doesn't balloon up into the wind. He also suggests widening your stance if necessary to keep your balance.

This is a much simpler approach than most instructors suggest. But it sure sounds like a good idea if you're playing a links-style course.

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