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Friday, May 8, 2020

Mike Malaska's Walk Back Drill (Video)

This is one of the coolest Mike Malaska videos I've come across. This drill teaches you an easy way to create hip turn by moving away from the ball!

This is a video you'll probably need to watch several times to get it all. Simply put, Malaska says all the scientific research teaches us what happens in a golf swing but can't show us the correct way to make it happen.

Hip turn is a good example of this. You don't have to try to rotate your hips to make them rotate, as this drill demonstrates. You'll recognize the terminology -- push your hips straight back to create hip turn -- because a lot of instructors use it, but Mike is the first instructor I've seen with a drill to actually teach this movement.

The real irony is that it's easier to point your belly button toward the target using this motion -- at least, it is for me. It also eliminates a lot of excess side-to-side motion, which should improve how consistently you can hit the ball.

I really think spending some time studying this video can help your game. I know I'm going to study this approach.

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