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Saturday, May 16, 2020

One Club VS 14 Clubs (Video)

This is just a fun video: Club pro Rick Shiels (from the Rick Shiels Golf Youtube channel) uses one club (a 7-iron) to take on amateur John Robins (from the Bad Golf Youtube channel) and his full set of 14 clubs. This was shot back in February, and the two men played a 9-hole match. Robins had a 23 handicap at the time but the two played actual shots. It's an interesting match.

When Shiels sums up the match at the end, the results may not really come as a surprise to any of you... but it's rare that you actually see it demonstrated so well.


  1. Funny, when Rick says "was that your 6 iron" after John blasted a 9 iron 30 yards past the green that just last week I had to take my wife nail polish and put a mark on the bottom of my 6 iron after mistaking it for the G (gap) wedge for like the third time. That's the state of my head on the course I can identify with John.

    1. Yeah, John hit some really shots. At least most of them came when he needed them.