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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Tiger and Friends on Hitting a Wedge (Video)

Tiger, Rory, DJ, J-Day and Rahmbo are talking about how to play a wedge shot. Wanna listen in?

The interesting bits are that Tiger says he uses his hands a lot, not to flip the club but to control the face. He takes spin off by delofting the clubface and adds spin by holding the face open.

He also says he plays it "dead-armed" which he clarifies as "slowing his hands down." That's useful info -- quiet arm action and less hand action are pretty much the same to him.

Rory feels as if he is swinging to the left to get more spin and Tiger agrees. Swinging left for a righthander means you play a bit of a fade, which is adding more loft.

Beyond that, Jason jokes, DJ says nothing and Rahmbo -- as usual -- says they're thinking too much. We all know that he just likes to step up and hit the shot, right?

The point here (I guess) is that there is no one way to feel a wedge shot. But there does seem to be agreement that delofting lessens spin and adding loft adds spin... and to do either, you need to use your hands. That's something to take away from this video.

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