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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Tom Stickney on Eliminating the Big Miss

Tom Stickney's article has some extremely useful info on how to tune your driver and adjust your swing to minimize how badly you mis-hit the ball.

Finding your best driver loft

Just as an example, here's a simple cue to help you find the correct loft for your driver.
As we know, ego plays a big part in the lofts most people use, as everyone wants to use a loft that is lower than all your buddies.
However, what we’ve found out is that your launch conditions are vital to making sure you have the right loft. If you tend to hit the ball high on the face, you can use lower loft, but if you hit the ball lower on the face, you will need more loft. Many drivers are adjustable, so be sure to experiment with this technology.
Why? This is due to the vertical gear effect on the driver— high face impacts add dynamic loft to the driver and the low face impacts reduce dynamic loft.
That's just one of the tips you'll find in this article. Definitely worth a look.

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