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Sunday, June 14, 2020

60 Seconds with Justin Thomas (Video)

This short video is one of Golf Magazine's 60-Second Swing Studies -- in this case, it's about Justin Thomas's swing.

This video is from late 2019 -- so it's one of the more recent ones you'll find -- and it's accompanied by a pretty thorough article going into more detail about various parts of his game.

Best of all, the article is by JT himself, so you'll get the tips directly from him. This is how he sees his game and what he tries to do on the course.

Given how well he's playing Colonial after that long layoff, you might find some useful tips to help your own game.

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  1. Weather issues on Jeju Island reduced the S-Oil Championship to 18 holes, which means that Hye-Jin Choi unofficially defended her title. I say that of course because 1 round is not an official tournament. They were considering a Monday finish but the weather wasn't going to improve, so it's on to next week's 2nd major of the year, the Korean Women's Open.