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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Bob Vokey's Chipping Tip (Video)

This video from Matt over at the MrShortGame Golf YouTube channel has a tip that he got from Bob Vokey -- yeah, the master of wedge design. That's worth listening to, don't you think?

Using the bounce isn't anything new. Using the bounce keeps the front edge of the wedge from digging into the ground. You'll find a number of posts on my blog that feature videos demonstrating that very tip.

But the Vokey tip here is to open the face of the wedge in order to use the bounce, which raises the front edge of the wedge off the ground. That, as Matt says, scares a lot of players who think they'll hit the ball thin.

Matt says Vokey told him that wasn't the case, even on firm turf, that the ground has some give and you'll catch the ball correctly. He also says that you can move the ball forward or back to hit the ball higher or lower. (Players who don't open the face often move the ball position to create height anyway.) These are good tips.

The one thing I would mention is that you need to experiment a bit if you use a wedge with a lot of bounce (say 12° or 13°). In this case you might have some problems with a high shot. It depends on your angle of approach -- that is, how steeply you swing down on the ball. You'll discover that with a little practice.

But every technique is valuable under the right conditions. And if Bob Vokey likes a certain wedge technique, it's probably a good idea to at least give it a try, no matter how much it might scare you.

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