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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Full Irons Golf Clinic (Video)

Peter Finch gave a golf clinic on how to hit irons in late summer 2019. This is the complete video of that clinic.

Right around the 1:00 minute mark there's an index of where to find the various things covered during the clinic. Here's a copy of that index.
  • 1:06 -- Ball Position Drill
  • 4:59 -- Sam Snead Drill
  • 7:55 -- Low Point Drill
  • 10:15 -- Fleetwood Drill
  • 13:25 -- Takeaway Drill
  • 14:55 -- Shanks
  • 18:08 -- Hitting It Low
  • 21:10 -- Should You Hit Your Irons at 100%
Hopefully you'll find something useful here that will help improve your iron play. After a few months of limited play, I think we're all in need of a little practice.

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