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Monday, June 8, 2020

How to Test a Wedge (Video)

While this new video from Rick Shiels is about testing a wedge to see whether it's a gimmick or not, I'm posting this video because it offers a great method for testing ANY wedge you're considering for purchase to find out whether it will really help your game or not.

Check out the shots he tries with this wedge:
  • Chip from fluffy/slightly thick lie
  • Sand shot
  • Pitch from 30 yards or so, which isn't a shot he likes
  • Full shot
  • Chip from a tight lie, which is a shot that gives him trouble
These are all shots he might want to hit with this club. Note that he not only tests the wedge for shots he doesn't like and for shots that give him trouble, but also for shots he already plays well. He's looking for a wedge that will help him with difficult shots while still giving him good all-around performance -- not just for a club to add to his bag, but for a better club to replace a less-useful one.

You should also pay attention to how he judges the shots. He's not looking for perfection. Rather, he hits six balls for each shot and looks for the majority of them to give results he would accept during a regular round.

While I know that wasn't the reason he made this video, it's still a great primer on how to test a potential new addition to your bag.

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