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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Is It Really Harder to Hit a Driver Than an Iron? (Video)

I found this short but interesting Mike Malaska video about why more people have trouble hitting their driver than their irons.

The idea that it's a mindset problem seems to be a simplistic answer, but let's think about it for a moment.

Most players do try to swing their drivers much harder than they swing their irons. It makes a lot of sense that this extra effort could mess up their normal sequencing, especially if they're trying to swing really hard.

It's obviously more difficult to hit irons well if you try to swing much harder than usual. So why should it surprise us that the problem is even worse with the driver, a club that most of us want to hit as far as humanly possible? (Or at least to hit it farther than our playing companions!)

Malaska mentions both hip movement and hand action as being keys to getting your driver under control. Since I've done posts with his videos on both of those topics, I'll give them to you again here.
But whether you try those tips or not, if you're having trouble hitting your driver, try his advice about not trying so hard. Start by practicing with shorter swings, then gradually lengthen them until they're full swings, and then try slowly speeding up your swing until you know how fast you can swing your driver before you lose control.

Remember: It's better to hit the ball pretty long but have it in play than to hit it really long and not find it!

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