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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Mike Bender's Slap Shot Drill (Video)

Yeah, Bender says it's how you create maximum clubhead speed -- and it will -- but I suspect you'll understand it better if you use it as a drill.

I call it a "slap shot drill" because it feels like you're slapping the ball. Using your hands and arms this way allows you to create a lot of clubhead speed without a violent body turn that can throw you off balance or out of position -- both of which will affect how cleanly you make contact with the ball.

And poor contact means less clubhead speed.

This drill will work well with the ever-popular L-to-L drill, and this most recent post on how to use it to fight a chicken wing will help you get the concept even more quickly. The shorter swing -- and keeping that lead arm more connected to your chest during impact -- will make it easier to create that slap. As you get the hang of it, you can start lengthening your swing to get the full benefit of the technique.

Learning to use your hands and arms (rather than just your body) to create speed is becoming more common with players these days, but it's a traditional way of creating speed that is getting popular again because of the advances in equipment design.

As with most things these days, what's old is new again. You might as well take advantage of it!


  1. So Yeon Ryu hung on to win the KIA Motors Korea Women's Open at -12, one shot clear of Hyo-joo Kim. It is her first win anywhere since the Japan Women's Open in September 2018; her most recent LPGA win was in June that year at the Meijer in Michigan.

    Final round English simulcast:

    1. IC, do you know if this one will count on the Rolex Rankings or not? It seems a shame for the KLPGA wins not to count simply because the LPGA isn't playing yet.

  2. Once the LPGA resumes and the rankings are unfrozen then these results should be factored in somehow.
    On a related note, the JLPGA will finally start their truncated 2020 season this coming week at the Earth Mondahmin Cup, but as a sign of how jittery sponsors are in the COVID-19 era there won't be another tournament on that circuit until August.

    1. The Earth Mondahmin Cup has set up a YouTube channel to stream live coverage of the tournament:

  3. Hi Mike, this ties in very nicely with Mike Malaska's "snapping a towel" analogy: