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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Picking a Putter That Works for You (Video)

This video begins with a segment on pre-putt routines but I've keyed the video to start around the 4:12 mark, which is when Peter Finch begins talking about choosing a putter. This covers the basics of grip size, shaft length and putter head shape -- the minimum qualities that you should consider when purchasing a putter.

While he doesn't really spend any time on it besides saying it's personal preference, I want to add one thing about whether the shaft connects to the head at the end or in the middle.
  • Middle-shafted clubs ("face balanced") tend to work best for players who like to keep the face square to the line during their stroke (a straight line swing path).
  • End-shafted ("toe balanced") putters tend to encourage opening and closing the face during your stroke (swinging on an arc).
Whether you prefer to putt with an arc stroke or a straight line stroke is definitely personal preference, but knowing which type of shaft/head attachment encourages that kind of stroke is worth knowing.

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