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Thursday, June 18, 2020

REVIEW: SuperStroke Wrist Lock Putter Grip (Video)

This video is literally just hours old as I write this.

Most of you know I'm not a fan of locking your wrists when you putt. Personally I feel it reduces my feel too much. But I know a lot of you prefer that method of putting, so this Golf Monthly review of the SuperStroke Wrist Lock Putter Grip is something you'll want to see.

This video describes why this grip is legal under the Rules of Golf (that's important to know). It also lets you know what sort of adjustments you may need to make to your putter if you decide to use this grip (anytime you make a major change like this, there WILL be changes needed).

I hope this video review helps you make a better decision whether this grip is for you or not. It's definitely a thorough review.

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