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Friday, July 24, 2020

Playing with a Half Set (Video)

If you're a long-time reader you know that I'm a fan of playing some rounds with a half set of clubs. It helps you learn to create shots when you don't have a perfect yardage, as well as teaching you some new shots and even some new strategies for attacking the course.

In this recent video Neil Tappin from Golf Monthly is testing a cheap beginner's half set of clubs. I'm posting it because it may give you some ideas on which clubs to choose from your full set and some of the strategy you might try.

I'll just add that most of you won't have a strong 7-iron and a strong 9-iron in your regular set. If you decide to use Tappin's setup, I'd recommend using an 8-iron and a 6-iron, although I'd probably choose a 5-iron instead of a 6. (Let's just say I have a poor relationship with my 6-iron.)

Of course, there's no rule that you have to use the same 7 clubs as Neil. If you want to try playing with a half set, choose the clubs that best fit the shots you have at your favorite course. And nothing says you can't change them the next time you go out.

But whatever you do, I'd recommend an occasional round with less than a full set. It's a great learning experience that can really help your game.

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