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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Using Malaska's L-to-L Drill with the Driver (Video)

I've done a number of posts on using the L-to-L drill to improve your overall golf game. (Here's a link to the most recent post I did.) But I found this short video where Mike Malaska demonstrates how to use the drill specifically to increase your driver speed.

Two quick things to note:
  • Creating speed with hand action comes first, then you add body rotation to pick up some extra speed. Contrary to popular belief, body rotation isn't the main source of clubhead speed. 
  • To help increase driver clubhead speed, set up with your trailing leg pulled back and focus on hand and arm speed.
I'm always amazed at how many ways you can use the L-to-L drill to improve your game. This is just one more way this simple drill can help you.

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