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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Jon Rahm on the Short Game (Video)

This year-old video is absolutely loaded with Jon's thoughts on the short game. There's a lot here if you take the time to listen.

I think the most useful tip he gives is his preference for shots that don't spin. Jon says that your best chance to make a short game shot -- if it's a shot that you can use, given the conditions -- is to make the shot without spin so it will hit and roll to the hole.

As I said, there's a lot of good thoughts in this video. Given that his approach took him from #8 at the time of this video to #1 now, those thoughts are definitely worth trying out.


  1. Hae Ran Ryu defended her title at the Jeju Samdasoo Masters on the KLPGA, finishing at -23, 3 strokes clear of Jeong Eun Lee6.
    The teams for next week's OrangeLife Champions Trophy Park Inbee Invitational:

    Team KLPGA

    So Young Lee
    Hyun Kyung Park
    Hee Jeong Lim
    Da Yeon Lee
    Ji Yeong Kim
    Min Ji Park
    So Mi Lee
    Hae Ran Ryu
    Ji Hyun Oh
    Hye Jin Choi
    Ye Rim Choi
    Ji Hyun Kim
    A Lim Kim

    Overseas team (LPGA/JLPGA)

    Inbee Park
    Jeong Eun Lee6
    Hyo Joo Kim
    So Yeon Ryu
    MJ Hur
    Jiyai Shin
    Seon Woo Bae
    Eun Hee Ji
    Min Young Lee
    Mi Hyang Lee
    Na Yeon Choi
    Bo Mee Lee
    Ha Neul Kim

  2. Friday sees the ladies playing four balls (times are local as Korea is 13 hours ahead of EDT)

    So Yeon Ryu, Seon Woo Bae vs Hee Jeong Lim, Da Yeon Lee

    Inbee Park, Min Young2 Lee vs Min Ji Park, Ji Yeong2 Kim

    Na Yeon Choi, Mi Hyang Lee vs Hyun Kyung Park, Hye Jin Choi

    Jiyai Shin, Jeong Eun Lee6 vs A Lim Kim, Hae Ran Ryu

    Ha Neul Kim, Min Jung Hur vs Ji Hyun Oh, Ye Rim Choi

    Hyo Joo Kim, Eun Hee Ji vs Ji Hyun Kim, So Young Lee

  3. The KLPGA leads 4.5 to 1.5 after the Friday four balls. The lone points for the LPGA/JLPGA team came in the final 2 matches: Ha Neul Kim and MJ Hur finished tied with their opponents while Hyo-joo Kim and Eun Hee Ji won 4&3. The first 4 matches went 2&1, 3&2, 3&2 and 1 up respectively.

  4. Saturday foursomes pairings are out. Again all times are local.

    Inbee Park, Na Yeon Choi vs Ji Hyun Oh, Ji Hyun Kim

    Ha Neul Kim, Mi Jung Hur vs Hyun Kyung Park, So Mi Lee

    So Yeon Ryu, Jeong Eun Lee6 vs Hye-jin Choi, Ji Young Kim2

    Bo Mee Lee, Mi Hyang Lee vs Ye Rim Choi, Hae Ran Ryu

    Hyo Joo Kim, Eun Hee Ji vs Hee Jeong Lim, Min Ji Park

    Min Young Lee2, Seon Woo Bae vs Ds Young Lee, So Young Lee

  5. Saturday's foursomes were washed out by the monsoon rains. The Sunday singles will conclude the event.

  6. The pivotal Sunday singles lineup:

    Jiyai Shin vs Ji Hyun Oh

    Na Yeon Choi vs So Mi Lee

    Ha Neul Kim vs Ye Rim Choi

    Mi Jung Hur vs Hae Ran Ryu

    Hyo-joo Kim vs Min Ji Park

    Min Young Lee2 vs Da Yeon Lee

    Mi Hyang Lee vs Ji Young Kim2

    Bo Mee Lee vs Hyun Kyung Park

    Jeong Eun Lee6 vs Hee Jeong Lim

    Eun Hee Ji vs So Young Lee

    So Yeon Ryu vs Hye-jin Choi

    Seon Woo Bae vs A Lim Kim