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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Mike Malaska on the L-to-L Drill and Trajectory Control (Video)

You guys know how much I like the L-to-L drill as an all-around swing improver. Here's a new video from Mike Malaska showing how to use the L-to-L drill to improve trajectory control with your short irons.

One thing I really like about this video is that Mike demonstrates the difference between creating wrist cock and merely flipping your wrists at impact. (That starts around the 2:15 mark.) Seeing the difference can really help you get the results you're after, since flipping your wrists can not only prevent you from flighting the ball on the trajectory you wanted but also cause you to lose accuracy.

He also tells you how changing ball position can help -- or hurt -- your ability to control trajectory. That's a very useful thing to know as well!

Controlling trajectory is one of the keys to controlling the distance you hit your irons. And given how useful the L-to-L drill is for just generally improving your swing, why not learn how to get even more good from that one drill?

And if you're interested in checking out any of the other posts I've done on the L-to-L drill (and there have been plenty), just go to the search box in the lower right column of this blog page and type in L-to-L. You'll find a number of posts about all the things this single drill can teach you.

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