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Friday, August 14, 2020

Putting in the Wind (Video)

With the US Amateur players struggling against the wind over at Bandon Dunes, I realized some help for putting in the wind might be useful. Here's Michael Breed with some tips.

I really like this video because it gives you ways to measure if your setup is correct.

  • Set up with the ball positioned one putterhead inside your lead foot.
  • Then put more weight on your lead foot until the center of your chest is directly over the ball.
  • Let your triceps (the back of your upper arms) rest lightly against your rib cage.
  • Rock your shoulders as you putt.

That's a very visual way of setting up to create a stable base in the wind. (Yeah, I know. Breed didn't follow his own instruction about ball position when he demonstrated the technique, did he? He wasn't very consistent either. Learn from that!)

Breed says that the stroke may feel a bit faster. You'll have to see if that's true for you.

One last thought: Breed is a big believer in shoulder putting, but I'm not so sure a big movement is necessary. However, even if you use your hands and wrists a bit, your shoulders will move a bit when using this setup because your arms are in contact with your chest. It may not be a lot but your shoulders will move a bit. A little practice will teach you how much.

Remember that when you're putting in the wind, staying stable is the key to making more putts. This is definitely a good technique to try if stability is a problem for you. You can use this technique even if it's a calm day!

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