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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Stacy Lewis's Bunker Drill (Video)

Since Stacy Lewis is coming into the AIG Women's Open off a win at the Women's Scottish Open, I thought it might be interesting to see how she plays from a bunker. She'll have to deal with quite a few of them at Royal Troon.

And guess what? She wants you to dig a hole.

This is a slightly different drill from what you usually see. Drawing a circle in the sand around the ball, then removing the ball from the circle and trying to scoop all the sand out of the circle in a single stroke is a cool way to visualize how a sand shot works.

An interesting sidebar to this technique is where Stacy says the 'hinge' of the wrist cock is. It's not focused in your wrist at all, but in your right thumb -- or, if you're a leftie, in your left thumb. Use a lot of hinge for a high short shot, not so much for a lower longer shot.

This is a simple drill that helps you 'see' bunker shots in a new way and, if you're struggling to get the hang of them, it might be just different enough to help you improve your success rate from the sand.

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  1. The ladies on the Korean and Japanese tours are idle this week, but the KPGA is back on beginning on Friday. Among those putting peg into ground is Bio Kim, fresh off of his suspension for flipping a camera-phone snapping fan the bird last fall. At least for the time being he won't have to deal with that particular annoyance as he reboots his career.