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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Tips for Hitting a Hybrid (Video)

Todd Kolb from USGolfTV did this video explaining the correct way to hit good shots with a hybrid.

Todd actually gives five useful tips for getting the most from your hybrid.

  1. Get your hybrid fit to your swing, the same way you would get your driver fit. That's the only way to get full use from it.
  2. Make sure your ball position is correct. Not where you would tee up for a driver, not all the way back in the center of your stance. You want the ball about one clubhead length back from that driver position.
  3. This is an iron replacement, not a fairway wood. Make sure you hit down on the ball slightly; it's okay to take a small divot as well.
  4. Find a go-to shot that you can hit with your hybrid. This club should be something you can turn to when you need to get the ball in play predictably.
  5. Finally, make sure you learn some of the useful things your hybrid can add to your game. I've blogged about chipping with a hybrid but they're also good to hit from fairway bunkers and play bump-and-run shots.

A hybrid isn't just another club to fill a slot in your bag. It's a specially designed piece of equipment intended to help you deal with problems in your game. Make it a useful weapon in your scoring arsenal!

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