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Sunday, September 6, 2020

4 Different Shots from the Rough (Video)

Matt Fryer just posted this video that shows how your lie in the rough affects which club you use. Take a look!

I'm just going to list the club and ball position for each lie, but Matt explains the techniques for each in more detail in the video.

  • Semi-rough, ball almost teed up: Fairway wood, ball 1.5 inches behind lead heel
  • Light rough, ball halfway down: Hybrid or rescue club, ball 1.5 inches behind lead heel
  • Medium rough, ball sitting down: 7-iron, ball in center of stance
  • Heavy rough, how did you even find the ball?: Wedge, ball in center of stance or even farther back

The big key to remember here is this: It doesn't really matter how far you are from the green. You have to choose a club that will get the ball back in play and if the correct club won't get you to the green, you have to take your medicine.

If you were watching the Tour Championship on Saturday, you saw several great players make bad shots from the rough simply because they became too fixated on the green. Matt's guidelines will help you avoid making the same mistake!

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    The men's tour in Japan finally has a domestic event under its belt as Rikuya Hoshina outlasted Mikumu Horikawa in a 3 hole sudden death playoff to win the Fujisanki Classic on the JGTO.