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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Can a Big Bertha B21 Really Straighten Your Drives? (Video)

Callaway claims their Big Bertha B21 driver will straighten your drives without changing your swing. Will it? Rick Shiels decided to test the claim by bringing in a 21-handicapper with a big slice. Did it work? Watch and see...

I have often written that good teaching should have immediate results. Rick gave this player a 10-minute lesson -- with the lad's own driver after the B21 didn't fix his ball flight -- and gave him a swing that, with a little practice, will get the job done.

Here's how Rick defines the problem:

  • Grip is too weak, which leaves the clubface open at impact
  • Setup is aimed too far left (for a rightie), which causes a steep approach on the downswing and cuts across the ball

What did Rick change?

  • Closed his setup slightly (aimed his shoulders and hips a bit more to the right) and tilted his spine just slightly away from the ball
  • Strengthened his grip, which means he made it a bit more neutral

Note that Rick didn't make big changes, just made some small corrections to his setup. And in ten minutes, this player started hitting the ball straighter.

Here's my point. New equipment may help you a little but you can't buy a good game. Fortunately, the basics of hitting decent shots aren't all that complicated.

I'm not telling you not to buy new equipment. I just want you to have realistic expectations when you do.

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